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You´re an authentic wonder woman running a house, a business, and a family.

Your days go by taking care of everybody and putting yourself last in the list of priorities. You hurry from one chore to the next but with only so many hours in the day, the urgent things take over and leave no time for the important ones.

You know there has to be a way for you to lose weight and upgrade your self-image that´s in harmony with your family life and your business but you can´t quite put your finger on it.

You don´t like the way you look, you feel embarrassed to go on video and it kills you to know that your business and your life are suffering the consequences.

Something needs to change.

Or you will continue to live on the sidelines of your life and your business will never move forward the way you want it to.

Would you like to experience the bliss of this transformation?


I will be happy and honored to guide you and support you every step of the way

Hi, I´m Cirila Valmaggia

and I walked in your shoes for over 25 years, hiding from cameras, avoiding outings where I was supposed to wear a swimsuit, and terrified to gain more weight since I was completely unable to get rid of the extra pounds I already had.

Nine years ago, I discovered the real reasons why diets and weight loss programs don´t work (I did them all) and a simple way to finally lose weight for good without spending long hours in the kitchen (not my thing at all).

So I put everything together, became a coach, and made it my mission to help other women in business shed the extra pounds and boost their confidence so they can go Live, attract their dream clients, and thrive in business and in life.

If you want to achieve your ideal weight, have lots of energy, and improve your body image, there´s a simple and genuine way to do it.

Why I Do This?

Everything started when I was a chubby teenager that hated her mirror reflection

I wasn´t exactly obese but I was embarrassed and very self-conscious of my body, especially about my thick thighs

I was outgoing and had a lot of friends but I wouldn´t be caught dead in public wearing a swimsuit. So I spent my entire summers hiding in the country house while my friends had fun getting together at the local swimming pool

Of course, nobody knew I didn´t want to be seen without my pants on so I invented a thousand and one excuses not to join them

As you may have guessed, I had a very negative body image and my self-esteem was completely crushed

All I wanted was to be slim and sexy so, in the following years, I tried almost every diet, treatment, method, and program I could find: going to a nutritionist, skipping breakfast or dinner, smaller portions, no second servings, soup diet, dissociated diet, SLIM, mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage, special massages, aerobics, step, running, yoga… You name it 

Some of these worked for a while and I lost some weight but the results were never permanent and I always ended up where I started or worse

The eternal yo-yo

I was obsessed with my weight but I´ve come to think that there was no solution for my problem and that I was stuck in the body I hated for good

But I just couldn´t bring myself to accept it

Finally, after 25 years of pain, I discovered the missing pieces to my life´s puzzle, got rid of the unwanted extra pounds for good, and learned to love myself

This transformation improved my life completely, in every possible way 

Now, I want that bliss for all the women in the world that are bending over backward to lose weight, enjoy lots of energy, and love what they see in the mirror

And that´s why I became a coach and I´ve been guiding my clients in the journey to their best self for the past decade

Happy Clients

Cirila is amazing to work with. She tailored a program specifically for me where I am in my weight loss journey. I did not eat a lot and really am an extremely picky eater. She gave me the advice to get me slowly in taking more food. She went out of her way to find meals I would eat. 

I highly recommend anyone who has a desire to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain long term, should definitely be working with Cirila.

Teresa Baker

Travel Expert

I have been following Cirila for a while now and I absolutely love her weekly lives where she gives so much valuable information & advice on how to develop healthy lifestyle habits and nutritional tips to keep my weight issue at bay.  Following on from this advice I purchased one of Cirila’s weight loss programs which included a 1:1 session. Wow, this was absolutely amazing. Cirila went through my meals in detail and even though I am a healthy eater I had no idea why I wasn’t losing weight. Well, Cirila spotted the issue straight away and gave me a plan of action to put into effect immediately.  She truly is an amazing mentor and an expert in her field.  I have been frustrated with my weight for years. Now I know why and I have Cirila to thank for this. I would highly recommend working with her. She’s great fun too and takes the heaviness out of losing weight.

Yvonne Seymour

Online Biz Coach & EFT Practitioner

Cirila is an amazing lady and coach! 

Not only has she “been there” but she’s real and she’s honest. Yes, it’s great to lose weight but life will happen and sometimes some of those pounds will come back. Cirila doesn’t try to hide that…what she does is equip women to not only lose the weight but to keep the weight off.  

She is a very giving and supportive weight-loss coach and if you are ready to make changes in your life, I would recommend working with her

Glenda Barrington

Money Coach

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